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Steve Irolla

Good for you, Sue. Ann Landers would be pleased that you took the lemon handed to you and other New Yorkers (though by dint of living Uptown, you fared better obviously than downtown denizens!) and made lemonade. I didn't see this till Sun. afternoon and in any event, I can't abandon my nonagenarian mother here in Monmouth County, NJ in a cold, dark apartment. Anyway, I hope a few folks availed themselves of what I am sure was an excellent tour, likewise tomorrow.

I had previously thought I was one of only four Gray Line guides (mostly former now!) to have run NYC Marathon, along with Howard Levy, David Nieves and Greg the elderly Boston native, but you would make five. What years did you run the event, may I ask? I ran the 1996 and '97 versions.


Thanks for the reply Steve. Take care of your nonagenarian mother. My brother is in AZ with my 91 year old father. My mother passed away in March.
Unfortunately no one took advantage of my offer this morning. I wish I was fluent enough to do tours in French. I could have had an army but from my wandering - especially in the Park - visitors were determined to do their miles any way they could. The Park with all its devastation looked like there was a Marathon going on.
I may or may not have encouraged people to show up for my tour tomorrow and I left the info with some concierges. I will head to the LES to see if I can help there anyway - tour or no tour.
I am the elder GL Marathon runner. I ran at 84,86, and 91. The TV coverage is showing how many runners went to areas in all 5 boroughs to help out. This is great to see. For more about my prior Marathons etc read here

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