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Elizabeth (Leitner) Harris

I was once one of the contestants on the Popeye show with Tom Hatten some time around 1956 to 1958, I was wondering if they recorded any of the shows and if they are available for viewing or purchasing.


I have a FANTASTIC memory... but no recollection of a "man-sized wolf". Andy Devine's "magic twanger" sound-effect scared ME, at 4... so maybe my parents simply didn't let me watch that one!

On the other hand... in 1952, there was a (short-lived) kids' show involving a ventrilloquist named Nancy and a "dummy" named Candy... and I'd LOVE to retrieve any vids or audio left from it! The theme-song (that began "I like me because my name is 'Candy', C-A-N-D-Y...") and a second song from the show about not playing ball in the street... were on a (78 RPM, of course!) record I had until I accidentally slammed a drawer on it, running after my then-4-year-old, 32 years later (who now had a boy turning 6 and TRIPLETS turning 2!)

PLEASE see what you can locate for me on this beloved early memory! Thanks, in advance!


In the video of Tom Hatten on this page, he mentioned "a guy in an engineer suit who drank milk" ("Engineer" Bill Culla), "a guy in a sheriff's uniform" ("Sheriff John's Lunch
Brigade") and "a clown" (named Chuck-O... My younger brother and 3 of my cousins, now in their 50's, were guests in the live audience of one episode).

Anything on any of those shows?

Jo Holz

Helene, thanks for sharing your memories about the Popeye show. I haven't been able to find other old videos of the show. As for ventriloquist Nancy and her dummy Candy, never heard of that one but will do a little digging and see what I can find. Sadly, few recordings still exist of many of those early kids' shows, so it's great that you have such a good memory!

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Popeye's still my childhood favorite.

Ryan Koblasa

I used to watch this every week. I think it was on Sundays... There were a number of other cartoons that he would show as well, like Tom Slick, George of the Jungle & Super Chicken...

I have been trying to figure out his name for some time now. I think I saw him on stage in the late 70s production of Annie!

Here is a link for more info on Tom Hatten...


Finally! My wife and I have been trying to guess the birth feathr of Sweet Pea for years. We decided that Olive Oil is a woman with needs (after all her ?husband ?boyfriend ?friend with benefits Popeye is off in exotic ports). Our scenario is that she hooked up at a bar and had Sweet Pea. Either that or it was an unholy union with Blutto. The child doesn't look like either Popeye or Blutto.Also, why Sweet Pea as a name? Is it a really Sweet Petunia (a girl) or an androgynous Sweet Pea ?


Posted on April 13, 2012 at 1:45 pm | I grew up watching Popeye and I TOTALLY bileeved that you HAD to eat spinach in order to grow up big and strong. Both my brother and I love spinach raw and cooked. I've never drank it before but this might make me go out and get a blender to try it. How could I up the protein in it?Thanks Liz, love reading your blog posts short with a learning point.Patti

Charlie RetiredGuy

I was also a contestant on the "Popeye" show hosted by Tom Hatten. I still have my picture to prove it. Date was 1960. I guess there's no way to scan a picture to this comment section, OH, Well!

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