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I know this story is supposed to be touching and all, but, being the cynic that I am, I couldn't help but notice that both birds, male and "female" have the same coloration. This is very unlikely, since female birds are rather drab in color. This looks more like a fight between 2 males, with one killing the other. I see no evidence of one "feeding" the other. It looks more like one is attacking the other, then claiming victory upon his opponent's death.
Now, I love animals more than your average person, but the story woven around these pics sounds more like sheer fantasy rather than fact. But hey, that's just me. Please don't get mad. There are 2 sides to every "story".


Sorry, Geo, but you are more cynical than you think. The birds are barn swallows. There is no difference between the male and female coloration. They also mate for life. Yes, the cynic will see two males fighting to the death. The rest of us will see sad pictures of a bird mourning the death of its mate.

TheStarryEye Astrologer

Thank you hal9thou for identifying the bird species.
The Starry Eye


yes the males and females have very similar coloring, a noticeable difference is the tail length, the female is shorter and the male is longer, according to Wikipedia so it appears that the male was injured and died and a female was trying to feed and mourn his sad...bless them...bless all the animals


perhaps this points out an interesting human think that females are the "weaker" or "stupider" sex while the male is stronger (;


actually,check out picture three.....this is a male swallow trying to mate with his dead it's probably true that he did feed her; male birds often present food to their mates as part of courtship.
kindof gross, but still not a bad story


Poor little bird you can almost feel his grief over losing his mate


Those birds are SWALLOWS which are common though europe and north america during the summer


Wow... Hal9thou, thanks for clarifying. As much as I wanted to believe the story of these pictures, I am also quite aware of how humans tend to "anthropomorphise" animals on whimsical levels based on our present ideals/teachings, so Geo's observation made me nod with both satisfaction and agreement (however cynical as it was, I'm also quite aware of how photographers are interested in making money.) However, it seems the story pulls through. I HAVE seen male birds court their female partners with food.. and no, "H," It's far from gross.

As for Mona, the teaching that females are the "stupider" sex comes from patriarchal religions where men used cruel tactics to keep women down on competition.. lol.. not science and logic (ironically) which favors estrogen over testosterone when it comes to refining the mind. But I heavily digress!

Let's not combine primitive human error upon more simpler (and beautiful) creatures. Lovely story.

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