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That is so neat! What a cool story, I would love to meet this man and see this live.



Greg Pike is now pan-handling around Ft. Worth, Texas and still drugging & living on the streets (there).

I don't agree with that San Fransisco crowd 'obstruction' nonsense ,nor any such dangerous illegal 'laws' in America...

HOWEVER - The guy IS a beggar, and has been since his release from Federal Prison in the early 1980′s, and since his Crack-Cocaine (and other?) arrest(s) more recently. He is severely paranoid (for what reason??) and is understood to refuse to openly give his mailing address to even his family members.

Interestingly, Greg Pike had a very distinguished brother who has just raised at least 2 Foster daughters and recently put one in College, and who was working towards his PH.D. – before this particular brother of Greg’s was forced to flee the U.S. only because of a known false arrest/wrongful conviction 25 years ago suddenly (and unlawfully) punishing him (unprovokingly punishing Greg Pike’s only professional brother 25 years after-the-fact).

This is being mentioned because the apparently jealous Greg Pike ‘did nothing to prevent’ the horrific false-conviction long-ago of his professional brother (the only professional in Greg’s psycho-warped family).

So before your heart goes out to ‘Gregory Pike’ – the Dog, Cat, Rat man… please think of what he must have done to put himself in that lifetime Bum-like situation, and what he’s done to some of his family sustaining his dangerous paranoia. But Greg isn’t the only one to blame for his obvious & evident short-comings in life; it is believed that his psycho-warped abusive Mother should have never had any children, and perhaps should have been locked-up in the local Psycho Farm instead.

Lena Linzy

I think what he is doing is great. Who cares about his past, we all have skeltons in our closet. Let him be, free to make people happy because it makes him happy. He's not hurting a thing sharing his love for animals. Hopefully one day he can start a clinic for unwanted animals. There should be more people like him kind and gentle towards others.

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