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Adam Stabelli

Do you work for NBC?

Steve Sternberg

Not at all. I've been one of their biggest critics. This mess was not Leno's fault, it was NBC's fault for promising Conan Leno's Job several years ago.


I think people are just annoyed that someone is pointing out the truth, and that it doesn't jive with what THEY think is reality (Conan = God, Jay = scum).


Initially, I thought his image was hurt because I'm used to watching his show late night and then NBC switched his show to air before News. I heard and read articles where critics said his ratings went down because of the switch. I'm just glad they are switching him back to his original time.

Carl LaFong

The Adult 18-49 rating that NBC guaranteed to advertisers for The Jay Leno Show ranged from 2.1 to 2.5 depending on the night of the week. The show underperformed that guarantee by a large amount.

roy wilson

I am 54. I like Jay. But in his Oprah interview, Jay said "They offered me my old job back, and I took it. What's wrong with that?" The problem with that is it shows a complete lack of integrity. Leno can try to look like the nice guy weathering the storm, but it doesn't change the fact that Conan took the high road and Leno took the selfish road. Their ratings will probably return, because integrity, decency and honor are apparently things of the past, but I am done with the Tonight Show.


Agreed. Leno and NBC both could have shown more class.

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I just moved to the US and I'm having trouble finding international and national news merged into one show. I just want the traditional news where the anchor reads the introduction, he/she talks about it, a video is shown and she just moves onto the next story.

I dont' want a discussion show, just traditional news :) Thank you. Please tell me what channel the show is on and what time as well as the timezone you're referring to. Thank you


With all do respect to the great Jay Leno, In those days there are a lot of greater men like Messi, Ronaldo and Xavi, that sure can make him a hurt a little more by some rating stealing :)


I thinks as Messi "With all do respect to the great Jay Leno"


LOL! you must be over 50, cause thats the demo that Jay pulls. Conan is MUCH superior in 18 - 49 year olds.

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Initially, I thought his image was hurt because I'm used to watching his show late night and then NBC switched his show to air before News. I heard and read articles where critics said his ratings went down because of the switch.

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