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BIll G

"Much more important to FOX than its three new fall series, for example, is how well American Idol does without SImon at the judges table. This could impact whether the network finishes 1st among adults 18-49 regardless of how its new series rate."

Surely you mean "whether the network finishes 1st among adults 18-49 (if you disregard the boost to their ratings from the Super Bowl)"

With the Super Bowl this season, there is *no* chance Fox falls into second place for A18-49 this season.

Next season's another story.

Steve Sternberg

Hi Bill-

Perhaps I should have said "among regular programs." Although if Idol does happen to fall apart (let's say lose half its audience), the Super Bowl will not necessarily push FOX into 1st place. Keep in mind, Idol typcally accounts for about 10% of FOX's full-season telecast hours, but 30% of its adult 18-49 rating points. But you're probably correct about the net not being in danger this season.



I am reminded of your frequent questioning about why the networks don't cross promote. I wonder the same especially since they already do so by having stars from other networks appear on the various late night talk shows.


Perhaps the ministry of inoftmarion should use play acts such as this to communicate with the dumbed down Americano and assorted illegal resident population to advise them that the free money is over, and its time to return to their country of legal status before such barristers seek them out with their lawsuits and deputies that serve them that may just get a two-fer and be able to bust them and deport them after trial.When you are a permanant liiegal tourist from Mexico, you had to just love the no doc mortgage system of the bubble. But now, "!si se vuelvamos!"


It's an OK show, but the freakin' soaobpx speeches are ridiculous. No judge in the country would let trial lawyers pontificate during a trial like they do on BL! A typical judge would say something like: Excuse me, counselor is there a QUESTION in there somewhere? OR Counselor, if you want to TESTIFY, then get yourself called as a witness! ------------------------------------You mean that in real life they don't catch and try a murderer in less than an hour?!? Gee, thanks for setting us straight!

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