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Penelope J.

Agree completely. Having been in advertising for many years, I imagine that marketing and media buyers are reassessing their audience, and the older age group's buying power. They can't afford to overlook them anymore. Similar to Hollywood that is finding an older people's niche, TV programming should (and is, in some cases, with programs such as "Mad Men") target this age group more. Another point to be considered, one you brought up, is that there are many more older fathers like you than there were before (though my own was 45 when I was born).

Hanna Gryncwajg

Thanks Steve for writing this article so honestly. Their is a lot of buzz around the importance of the boomer generation, the 50+ set. They now have a long life ahead of them and benefit from having disposable income and in some cases time to do stuff. This is the generation that lead the way through music, fashion and dared to rebel to be heard. They certainly won't appreciate advertisers ignoring them....I wouldn't appreciate it. I look forward to helping change perception and ultimately change direction of ad dollars towards this demo. Great piece.
Hanna Gryncwajg

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