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John Prue

Oh, that's pretty cool. It's probably the only time when grime is good on a car. It would be a shame to get that glass cleaned since the art is so well-made.


I agree. What a dilemma! Lol

Erwin Calverley

Is there a documentary about Scott Wade? I would like to see it. His art is truly amazing. No wonder people from other cities visit him just to see his beautiful creations. Scott Wade really puts his heart and soul into his every creation.

Stelle Courney

It's like the sand art that I've seen on the internet. That’s a cool thing to learn! Now, people who are not used to cleaning their cars will have a reason to invite Scott Wade! HAHA! In the end, though, it would be best to have your car cleaned because having dust on your car for too long can be a cause for scratches.

Jessie Bachelder

Wow! Scott Wade is like a graffiti artist whose wall of artwork is car windows. I’ve seen his art gallery, and my favorites are Mona Lisa/Starry Night, Let’s Get Kinky in Austin, and Friend In Need. The details are done with delicacy and technique! However, Stelle Courney is right. Letting the dirt settle on your car windows might get the car exterior damaged.

Rita McCall

I’ve seen the gallery. Seeing those works of art makes me wonder how long it usually takes the artist to finish one. Each windshield art was done with precision and was detailed impressively. If I’m the owner of such a car, I don’t think I’ll be able to wash my car for some time, too.

Michelina Douglass

If only Da Vinci can see that Mona Lisa artwork today, he will be impressed and give credit to the person behind that work. I’d be more impressed if Scott Wade can create a bigger version of these works. I wish he can do this on a bus. =)

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