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T White

This is great, but you forgot to include the Christmas (Dec. 25) 2002 snowstorm.


Good catch, it's been added. Thanks for pointing it out!

T White

No Problem. I remember that one VERY WELL because I had to drive in it. LOL

Alexandra Leh

You also left out the Easter Sunday snowstorm on March 29, 1970...I was a kid in Northern New Jersey at the time, and we were completely caught off guard!

Theresa Zapata

There was a snowfall sometime in the 1950's. I remember becauseI was a kid and we had so much fun jumping on the mounds of snow. I lived right across the street from Holy Name school between 95th and 96th street. Young and unafraid, those were the days.


Theresa, one of the challenges of childhood memories when it comes to snowstorms is that, because we were a lot shorter, six inches of snow could seem like a foot or more! The 1950s didn't have an abundance of snowstorms of 10" or more, but perhaps you were remembering the storm of Dec. 22, 1959 that dumped nearly 14", the one on March 21-22, 1958 that produced nearly a foot or the storm of March 18-19, 1956 that gave the City 11.6".

G Smith

Rob, what about Jan. 16, 2004?


I had a conversation with my dad yesterday and he mentioned a major snowstorm in April in the 1970s that dropped "over 20 inches of snow" in New York. Could he have been confusing it with the 1982 storm?


Hi Nick,
Yes, perhaps he was thinking of the April 1982 blizzard because there were no big April snowfalls in the 1970s in NYC. As for 20"+, the '82 storm was half that amount in Central Park - perhaps he lived in the suburbs, which saw higher accumulations.


Regarding G. Smith's comment about the snowfall of Jan. 16, 2004, it has been added. However, this snowfall of 5.7" occurred on Jan. 14-15.


I've been looking for a white Christmas ever since 1969. I don't consider a few flakes that melt as soon as they hit the ground a snow storm or a white Christmas


Hi Sonia, on Christmas Day 2002 rain changed to heavy, wet snow during the afternoon and accumulated five inches by 8PM. (1969's snow began after 6PM and 2.1" was on the ground by midnight, with another four inches falling overnight before it changed to rain). And on Christmas Day 2009 there was two inches of snow on the ground at daybreak, left over from a snowfall of nearly eight inches on 12/19-20 (and those living in the vicinity of LaGuardia Airport still had four inches on the ground).

Thanks for your comment!

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