• Because of the overwhelming response for appraisals I need to charge a nominal fee of $25 to appraise all items. Please make your payments to paypal thestarryeye@aol.com and then email antiquesmart@gmail.com with your photos and any background material you have. All appraisals are the opinions of RD Langer and are not to be interpreted as a guaranteed price or valuation at any dealer, seller or auction.

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The piture here was looked at by a man who worked at barnes & nobles,and was an appraiser my friend would ask from time to time about her items or her dads.Its my boyfriends great grandfathers (4th generation) mens dresser, was past down to him. great condition, the wheels are wood and still work, it has all the brass rings an knobs on the drawers,some kinda detailed hand carving, some hand painting so small of flowers that was done free hand over 100yrs ago,and other details....she showed him this pic an he told her possibably worth $7000.00, Really? I want to to know if he is right about the value or close by just lookin at the pic? We new it was valuable, but hard to believe worth around that much. whats ur oppinion? we dont really want to sell it, unless it went to the right buyer, who would preserve it as it is and has been for so long...like a museum. im very protective of this old item for some reason... i couldnt part with it unless it was to be kept as is for as long as possible, and to be admired...im 49, so that might give u an idea of its age. 18th century something so old, be that valuable, as time goes on!!! I would love to email u the pic if ur interest. Thx Lisa

Please email a picture to antiquesmart@gmail.com

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