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Watch the Bob Langer interview with Fred Burke, who had done work in the White House under six U.S. Presidents: Sex Lies and Videotapes". Which of the president's played around, with the 'assistance' of the Secret Service.


Wheels at the Norton Museum of Art

Please enjoy the latest installment of my BallenIsles TV show - this week I take you to the Norton Museum of Art to talk about Matchbox cars - a great collectible:



What Are My Japanese Vases Worth?

Japanese vasesQuestion: I wonder if you could tell me please if the vases in the attached photos have any value They have been in the family for 60 years that I know of.  I realise that the “Made in Japan” mark is not a good sign but at least they don’t have a bar-code!  Regards and thanks in advance.

RD Langer Answers: PROBABLY AROUND WORLD WAR II; HEIGHT LOOKS AROUND 8-10"; AUCTION VALUE AROUND $150-225. for pair. "Satsuma type".RDL

Leroy Neiman Signed Lithograph Appraisal

Looking for a value on this Leroy Neiman hand signed lithograph. I believ this is the only one around.
Where would be the best place to sell this item?
Thanks for your time.
Hi Fred,
Thanks for the photo. Unfortunately you did not provide the size. Nieman is very prolific and commercial. However you may wish to contact Swann Galleries in New York on 25th Street or William Jenack auctioneers, Chester, NY. telephone: 845-469-9095
Have the size ready. They will probably want to know more nformation. My guess is that it is in the $100 to $200 range.
Good luck.