In Honor Of Our Veterans

BallenIsles has come to pay tribute to those BallenIsles residents who are Veterans of World War II. Channel 63 has filmed a tribute featuring nineteen World War II Veterans, residents of BallenIsles, with comments depicting snapshots of events they encountered during World War II. To paraphrase Tom Brokow from his book, The Greatest Generation, they tell a story of a generation of American heroes united by both common purpose and values, for love of family, and of Country, displaying duty, honor and courage.
Our nation owes to all of them, as well as to their families, and to those Veterans of which the wars that followed, a deep gratitude for the often very difficult, unselfish nature of a war weary nation, bounded by a common purpose of love of family, of God, and of Country. 
Here is a film I did on the gallant efforts of our veterans, whose sacrifice and service will be honored and remembered. 


When Was this Porcelain Vase made and what is it worth?

Vase Vase bottomQuestion: Hi, I would love any info you can give me on my vase. When it was made, what's it worth, etc. I have tried looking it up on ebay and all over the internet and I can't find anything. All I know is that it has the name Walter Tozzini on the bottom which is how I tried searching for it. I would appreciate anything you can tell me about it. Thank you, April

RD Langer answers: April, this is 20th c porcelain. Probably tourist stuff. Worth $75-100.


Inheritance From My Father - What is this Art Worth?

DaliQuestion: My father died in 1994 and I inherited his artwork.  Can you give me an appraisal value of any of this art?  I have 3 separate certificates for the 3 Petite Ronsard Dali's.  All are small, maybe 5 x 7'' or so.  Thank you for your time and assistance!  Sincerely, Robin


RDL Answers: Impossible to tell from photos. They have to be axamined.


Gorgeous Greek Vase - What is is worth?

Greek vase Question: I am trying to value this vase. Greek Vase - . It is just beautiful and has the attached emblem on bottom. Can you please help? Please see attached photo’s. Sparkles incredibly and has so much gold trim – very thick. Pictures show a bit of cracking on bottom – but nothing like this on rest of vase. I just know it is valuable and very old! If nothing else the 24K trim has to be somewhat valuable!


RD Langer replies: Kelly, I think your vase is modern. However, phone William Jenack Auctioneers, ask for their e-mail address, and send the photo to them for an auction estimate 845-469-9095. Give them the dimensions as well as a photo of the bottom. Let me know what he says. This is definitely greek to me.

What is it Worth? Tin Boxes


Please help! Is this trash or cash?? Found and bought at a thrift store, in Palm Beach county Florida! Thanks in advance, Markings found on tin are hard to make out but if u need more info please reply!


Dear Dianne,

The tins, unfortunately are in poor condition and do not appear to be worth too much. I would, however, contact Bill Jenack at Jenack auctioneers, Chester, NY, 845-469-9095 to see whether they might have any auction value.

Unfortunately I doubt that PB auctioneers on Dixie Highway in Palm Beach Florida or even Bill Hood in Boca Raton, Florida would be interested. I would place a value of between $25 to $50 for the lot.

Good luck.


RD Langer