What Are My Crystal Vases Worth?

Crystal vaseQuestion: Hi  any idea if these are worth anything?  They were given to my great grandmother in the early 1900s as a wedding gift.  I believe they are crystal. I have a pair and they are in mint condition.   Thanks Vicky


RDL Answers: Hi: Vicky: Look around the bottom rim for a mark., or name.Let me know. Otherwise  a better close-up.   Cannot tell if cut or pressed glassfrom your photos.RDL

Framed Flowers - What are They Worth?

Hanging objectsQuestion: Dear Sir, I,d be interested to know the name of this Chinese type of art  . Frames look hardwood and leaves and flowers are opaque and look made from pieces of agate or possibly jade etc but could be plastic although the texture is uneven when held up to the light . The big one (diameter 12 inches) is marked CHINA on the back . I would like to sell these . Kind Regards Andrew

RD Langer Answers; They are very decorative. Without examining I would guess jade, carnelian. They may bring around $200 at auction.RDL

Aunt's Glass Vase...?

Glass vaseQuestion: Hello, My Aunt gave this vase to my daughter and said it was very old and valuable. Any information would be greatly apprieciated. Thanks.

RD Langer Answers: Contact Jenack Auctioneers in Chester N.Y.; they will no more about this piece than I will. Very difficult to give an opinion unless I examine this piece.Good luck.RDL