Welcome to AntiqueSmart

Welcome AntiqueSmart, designed to answer all your questions regarding the values of your art and antiques; Should they be trashed or treasured? Where are the best places to sell them? How do you take care of them? What is hot? And what is not?

Some initial tips for the amateurs and the pros - We do not offer African Art in Omaha. Nor do we sell cowboy art in Vermont. We zero in on what we have and where best to offer it. It all sounds logical but there is much to learn about the antique and art markets; the pitfalls, the pratfalls, the shams, the con artists, the auction world and the real world. What do you know about "private auctions"?

Future blogs will cover all of this. Plus my personal experiences and expertise on buying antiques and collectibles. From the bazaars of Cairo to the winding streets of Hong Kong. From the warehouses of Havana to the free markets of New York. RD Langer who has had many years experience with both knaves and saints will nagivate you through shark infested waters and calm seas. The world of antiques and collectables is a fascinating journey, so fasten your seatbelts, we are in for a great adventure.