Jade Elephant - What is it Worth?

Question: hi. was wondering what this jade elephant is worth, Grade A I have been told. It is about 3"x 3" weighs about 12-16 ounces'

Jade elephantRD Langer Answers: If it is jade, from $100-150. I would have to examine it.

Jade Carving - What is it Worth?

Question: Hi I have a jade carving that I would like you to value please. When I first bought it it was covered in hard wearing paint. I have since removed the paint to discover that the carving was jade underneath. What baffles me is why would any one want to paint over such a beautiful carving. I have been advised that it may be a burmese jadeite hat ornament from the 1900s. The reason why it may have been painted was to hide the value of the item so that it would’t be confiscated by the communist goverment. Can you give me any more info on it please. No one seems to know much about it. The measurement is 6.5" x 5".

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RD Langer Answers: Hi......I love the piece. It looks to me like $2000.-3000. at auction and possibly considerably more. I suggest you contact Lark Mason at I.Gavel, 212-289-5588. He will want an e-mailed photo. Looks to me you may have a winner. Good luck and keep me advised.

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