In Honor Of Our Veterans

BallenIsles has come to pay tribute to those BallenIsles residents who are Veterans of World War II. Channel 63 has filmed a tribute featuring nineteen World War II Veterans, residents of BallenIsles, with comments depicting snapshots of events they encountered during World War II. To paraphrase Tom Brokow from his book, The Greatest Generation, they tell a story of a generation of American heroes united by both common purpose and values, for love of family, and of Country, displaying duty, honor and courage.
Our nation owes to all of them, as well as to their families, and to those Veterans of which the wars that followed, a deep gratitude for the often very difficult, unselfish nature of a war weary nation, bounded by a common purpose of love of family, of God, and of Country. 
Here is a film I did on the gallant efforts of our veterans, whose sacrifice and service will be honored and remembered. 


What can you tell me about this Japanese vase?

Vase 1 Vase 1 bottomQuestion: I picked this up at a yard sale because I thought it was pretty. Anything you could tell me about it would be greatly appreciated. This vase is just over 12 inches tall. Thank you! Jenny

RD Langer answers: Interesting. Japanese, worth around $50-75.

Is this Vase Worth Anything?

White chinese vaseQuestion: is this Vase worth anything? Thank you.


RD Langer Answers: Senada, the mark appears to be of the Republic period.  (around 1940) I would estimate a value of around $150. However, I suggest you e-mail Dessa Goddard at Bonhams, and see if she has a different view. There isa mark on the outside of the bowl, with a Chinese poem, which may add some value. 

Great list of books on appraising your objects.


Mom's Vase

Moms vaseQuestion: Any information you can provide will be helpful. Thank You. Kerry


RD Langer Answers: The vase is Japanese-20th c. Value around $100.

Is This Vase Possibly Cloisonne?

Bottom of satsuma Bottom of satsumaQuestion:I have this small Chinese porcelain vase is it possibly cloisonné? And what is it worth? Thanks

RDL Answers: Looks like Satsuma but the mark at the bottom is too unclear. Either refine it, or send photos to Banhams in SanFrancisco.

What Are My Japanese Vases Worth?

Japanese vasesQuestion: I wonder if you could tell me please if the vases in the attached photos have any value They have been in the family for 60 years that I know of.  I realise that the “Made in Japan” mark is not a good sign but at least they don’t have a bar-code!  Regards and thanks in advance.

RD Langer Answers: PROBABLY AROUND WORLD WAR II; HEIGHT LOOKS AROUND 8-10"; AUCTION VALUE AROUND $150-225. for pair. "Satsuma type".RDL

Jade Elephant - What is it Worth?

Question: hi. was wondering what this jade elephant is worth, Grade A I have been told. It is about 3"x 3" weighs about 12-16 ounces'

Jade elephantRD Langer Answers: If it is jade, from $100-150. I would have to examine it.

Japanese Vase with Marking - what is it worth?

Japanese vase-2
Japanese vase-2
Dear Doc need to find out of this is worth anything and possibly how old it might be. Can you help me out please?

RD Answers: Re Vase, probably early 20th century; looks around 7" high. Probably bring $100.-125. at auction. Good luck. RDL

WWII Japanese Items - What are they worth?

My father-in-law had these items. He brought them back from the Pacific Theater. I have been trying to find someone who could tell us what they are and and their value. If valuable they would like to sell them. I would be interested in buying them from my in-laws if the original owners could be located. I would return the photographs to the owner or relatives of the owner. Otherwise I would sell the items for my in-laws. Perhaps you can tell me something about these items or refer me?Any help is appreciated. Thank You.
One blue covered book 1st photo is of inside page.
One Piece of paper with Japanese writing on both sides. (Photo 2&3).
One apparent post card with writing front & back (Photo 4&5).
4 photographs. 2 have printing on back.

Japanese 5 Japanese 5 Japanese 5 Japanese 5

Japanese 1 Japanese 1 Japanese 1 Japanese 1










RD Langer Answers: I am going to speculate and assert these papers and photos were removed from a Japanese soldier. Further speculation leads me to believe one photo is of his wife/girlfriend, the others family members. To research these in its entirety, I would have to charge you $125.00 per hour. If I bought them from you, I would give you $100., try to locate the family in Japan, and return everything to them. Kindest regards, R.D.Langer