Metropolitan museum of art 
Auction houses continue laying off staff.  Museums are the next tough area. Even the New York Metropolitan Museum of Art has just laid off dozens of people including curators. Things are so bad that a number of museums want to sell some of their art work so they can pay their bills.
The New York State legislature wants to enact a bill to forbid the sale of any art works in N,Y, Museums. This, however, is a double edged sword. If they will not be allowed to dispose of the art to pay outstanding bills, they will have to layoff people.
Did you know there are hundreds of thousand of items in the basements of these museums, never seeing the light of an exhibition hall? It makes more sense to dispose of some of these items
instead of laying of people with children to support.  Unfortunately, politicians want to make noise to bring attention to themselves. A couple of laid off people, are only a couple of votes lost.
If you would like to know the names of these jerks, read todays N.Y. Times.  VOTE THEM OUT OF THEIR WARM OFFICES, and strip them of their fringe benefits.

To demonstrate some of the great art held in storage at our museums, check out this book on a unique exhibition of Andy Warhol's work that was in storage at the Museum of Modern Art in New York:

Raid the Icebox 1, with Andy Warhol: An Exhibition Selected from the Storage Vaults of the Museum of Art, Rhode Island School of Design