Mom's Vase

Moms vaseQuestion: Any information you can provide will be helpful. Thank You. Kerry


RD Langer Answers: The vase is Japanese-20th c. Value around $100.

Beautiful Chinese Bowl - What is it worth?

Bowl1 Bowl1Question: Hello, I bought this bowl recently at a yard sale. I cannot locate anything exactly like it online. Several similar at 165.00 and up.The bottom showing the mark is not cracked. It has some sticker residue around the mark. Could you advise me any info on this piece? Thank you. - Mary


RD Langer Answers: The bowl is Chinese--USD50.-75 value.

Great list of books on appraising your objects.

Soapstone Carving - What is it Worth?

Soapstone carving



Question: Can you please tell me what this is worth? Thank you.


RD Langer Answers: Brady, sorry to advise  that it appears to have limited value, However I would have to examine it more closelyto provide a more bona fide opinion.

Red Soapstone Vase - What is it worth?

Red soaptone carvingQuestion: Can you tell me how much this is worth?  It was purchased in the 1940s in WWII.

RD Langer Answers: Betsy, it is a beautiful looking, vase.It should bring between $150.-$225, at auction.

Inheritance From My Father - What is this Art Worth?

DaliQuestion: My father died in 1994 and I inherited his artwork.  Can you give me an appraisal value of any of this art?  I have 3 separate certificates for the 3 Petite Ronsard Dali's.  All are small, maybe 5 x 7'' or so.  Thank you for your time and assistance!  Sincerely, Robin


RDL Answers: Impossible to tell from photos. They have to be axamined.


What is This Chinese Vase or Jar Worth?

Kumming vaseQuestion: A Chinese vase bought at a shop in Kunming  - 6 ½ inches high – markings on bottom are same as Qing vase sold recently. Any value to this one?


RDL Answers: Vase could possibly bring $150-250. at auction.

A Dentist Office Treasure Trove - What is This Worth?

Chinese soapstone vase2Question: We bought a dental office many years ago which was filled with all sorts of Chinese tables, chairs, etc. and this was one of the items.  Could you tell us if it has any value?  Thank you.  Chris Kretchun


RDL Answers: I have to examine for chips, and cracks. You dod not provide size.  Looks like 10 inches width.Probably worth between $150-200.

Is This Vase Possibly Cloisonne?

Bottom of satsuma Bottom of satsumaQuestion:I have this small Chinese porcelain vase is it possibly cloisonné? And what is it worth? Thanks

RDL Answers: Looks like Satsuma but the mark at the bottom is too unclear. Either refine it, or send photos to Banhams in SanFrancisco.