Antiques, Art & Valuables Featuring Fred Burke

Watch the Bob Langer interview with Fred Burke, who had done work in the White House under six U.S. Presidents: Sex Lies and Videotapes". Which of the president's played around, with the 'assistance' of the Secret Service.


In Honor Of Our Veterans

BallenIsles has come to pay tribute to those BallenIsles residents who are Veterans of World War II. Channel 63 has filmed a tribute featuring nineteen World War II Veterans, residents of BallenIsles, with comments depicting snapshots of events they encountered during World War II. To paraphrase Tom Brokow from his book, The Greatest Generation, they tell a story of a generation of American heroes united by both common purpose and values, for love of family, and of Country, displaying duty, honor and courage.
Our nation owes to all of them, as well as to their families, and to those Veterans of which the wars that followed, a deep gratitude for the often very difficult, unselfish nature of a war weary nation, bounded by a common purpose of love of family, of God, and of Country. 
Here is a film I did on the gallant efforts of our veterans, whose sacrifice and service will be honored and remembered. 


Wheels at the Norton Museum of Art

Please enjoy the latest installment of my BallenIsles TV show - this week I take you to the Norton Museum of Art to talk about Matchbox cars - a great collectible: