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June 2009

Karl Haendel

Karl Haendel big mac drawing

Karl Haendel is a young Los Angeles-based artist who is as well versed in theory as he is in recent art history. His drawings are based on advertisements, newspaper clippings, family photographs, money and even other drawings. These realistic drawings were created with the aid of an overhead projector. Haendel’s drawings are large, beautifully and skillfully executed works on paper made with pencil. His subject matter ranges from a penny, to a new Cadillac SUV, to fragments from other works of art, as well as scribbles and even his own thumb print. Karl Haendel, "$56,055, 2005," pencil on paper, 93 x 130". This work is about juxtapositions in which disparate elements play off one another. The multiple references that Haendel imposes makes the work both original as well as infuriatingly academic.

Eric and Heather Chanschatz

Eric and Heather Chanschatz are New York City based artists who have teamed up in a novel way to create a giddy and vibrant look to their prints. The two artists Eric Chan and Heather Schatz scramble their names into a tidy corporate unit and have been a collaborative team for nearly 25 years. And their work coincides with a number of themes floating through art at present: the use of systems, especially digitally based; the overlap of the organic and the artificial, and the fine line between art and commerce. (Mr. Chan and Ms. Schatz routinely solicit corporations to donate materials for their work.) Their recent work is offered through the Saatchi Gallery webaite.

Eric and heather chanschatz

Robert Crumb

Probably no other artist exemplifies the heady 1960s and 1970s as artist Robert Crumb.

Often credited simply as R. Crumb, he is an American artist and illustrator recognized for the distinctive style of his drawings and his critical, satirical, subversive view of the American mainstream. One of his most recognized works is the "Keep on Truckin'" comic, which became a widely distributed fixture of pop culture in the 1970s. Others are the characters Devil Girl, Fritz the Cat and Mr. Natural. He also illustrated the album covers for Cheap Thrills by Big Brother and the Holding Company

R. Crumb is represented by David Zwirner, New York.

Robert Crumb drawing

Robert Crumb self portrait

Robert Crumb has been quietly been living and working in France with his wife. Many of his works have been printed in books that can be found here: R Crumb Books 

But what makes this post so timely is that he has just completed a new book of work on the Bible. Now THAT is something I have to see. Pre-order your copy of R. Crumbs Illustrated Book of Genesis here:

Yael Degany

Yael Degany painting Yael Degany, a native Israeli, has lived in the United States since 1999. She holds 2 B.A.s from Columbia University, one in Visual Arts and one in Mathematics.

Her works on paper, the majority of which are abstract, are created using oil-pastels, ink, watercolor, graphite, and food color. She makes many of the works by directly responding to music. The result is a lyrical and energetic abstraction that could pattern any range of music from jazz to classical.

You can see more of her work at yaeldegany.com.

Karl McKoy

Karl Mckoy's assemblage faces Karl McKoy is considered a self-taught, outsider artist whose creates gritty eye catching portraits from assorted found items. The result are assemblage portraits that are mysterious, absorbing and haunting. You can't look and yet can't look away. These assemblages are constructed from a variety of found objects like pieces of string, small coils, photographs, trash from the street.

It is hard to find his work but he is currently represented by private dealer Beverly Kaye in Conneticutt.

Ken Garduno

I love Ken Garduno illustrations. They are curious, mezmerizing and humorous as well as well crafted.

Ken Garduno was born on October 28, 1977 in Hollywood, California. He is a recent graduate of Art Center College of Design, where he received a BA with honors for illustration. After graduation, he decided to pursue a career in editorial illustration and participated in gallery shows. His clients include the New York Times, LA Weekly, LA Citybeat, SF Weekly, Esquire Russia, and the Pasadena Weekly. His other interests (other than art) include walking, traveling, and hanging out with his girlfriend Lillian. Ken Garduno

Ken Guardino

William Wray

William Wray painting Burbank_shed William Wray is an urban painter whose prolific work speaks to the decay and loneliness of the urban experience.

After traveling his entire childhood as an Army brat Bill Wray began working in the animation business as a teen-ager. Being mostly self-taught and shunning California’s conceptual oriented art schools, he eventually enrolled in The Art Students League located in New York to reinforce his spotty art foundation.

Bill went on to work in writing and drawing comic books, animation and illustration. He is mostly known for his painting style on the Ren and Stimpy Show, his work in Mad Magazine and his collaborations with Mike Mignola on Hellboy Jr. Bill is currently concentrating on fine art oil painting.

Robert Williams

Robert Williams is one of the major "low brow art" painters whose surrealistic imagry explores all ranges of popular culture from Hot Rod to Ouija Boards. He creates a spectacular and imagry rich landscape with wishful, improbable and startling characters. 

Williams began as part of the trail-blazing Zap Collective, along with other underground cartoonists like Robert Crumb. His mix of California car culture, cinematic apocalypticism and film noir helped to create a new genre of psychedelic imagery along with artists like "Big Daddy" Ed Roth.

Robert willams painting 2

Robert Williams painting

He has authored books on his art that are well worth owning.

Art books by Robert Williams

  • The Lowbrow Art of Robert Williams, Last Gasp
  • Views From a Tortured Libido, Last Gasp
  • Visual Addiction (out of print), Last Gasp
  • Zombie Mystery Paintings, Last Gasp
  • Malicious Resplendence, Fantagraphics
  • Hysteria in Remission, Fantagraphics
  • Through Prehensile Eyes, Last Gasp
  • The Hot Rod World Of Robt Williams, Motorbooks
  • Metamorphosis 2, beinArt

Joel Beckwith

Beckwith_joel_oldmen Joel Beckwith is a contemporary American etcher who studied art under Thomas Cornell at Bowdoin College and graduated in 1971.

Since that time he has exhibited his art with such institutions and organizations as the Society of American Graphic Artists, the Boston Printmakers, Philadelphia Print Club, Smithsonian Institution and the National Academy of Design. Joel Beckwith's etched art has received many awards such as, the Stratton Art Festival 1997 Fellowship, the George Bunker Museum Purchase Award (Philadelphia Print Club) and the Daniel Chester French Medal of Excellence.

Today his etchings are included in the following collections; the Philadelphia Museum of Art, the Birmingham Museum of Art, Boston Public Library, Hunterdon Art Center, National Baseball Hall of Fame, State University of New York, Albany, and Purdue University.

Ernest Concepcion

Ernest Concepcion painting With an underground reputation for rendering pastoral, warring landscapes peopled by meticulous caricatures of high-density sci-fi populations on canvas, Ernest Concepcion boldly moves into in a new series of aluminum paintings that focus on a single event—the detonation of the atomic bomb. In this new body of work, Concepcion studies NY Times reporter William L. Laurence’s fetishization of the effects of nuclear warfare and testing. Paid off by the CIA to underreport the colossal devastation of the American atomic bomb on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Laurence reported in 1945 how “watching it as it was being fashioned into a living thing, so exquisitely shaped that any sculptor would be proud to have created it, one . . . felt oneself in the presence of the supranatural." Concepcion dares to suggest as much in a series of enamel paintings of the (in)famous mushroom cloud exploding with color.

In his 2006 painting Ode to Odin, Concepcion captures the primary symbols of war:  sex, greed and strife. He begins by depicting colorful idyllic landscapes, using acrylic or oil paint which, following a period of one to three months, he aggressively tags the surface of with Sharpie pens. Miniscule figures and outer-space hybrids find themselves trapped in an endless nightmare of battle. He breaks away from the imposed linearity of modern comics, overlapping, instead, varying scenes in order to suggest that such caricatures share the same space of the viewer.
Ernest Concepcion was born in Manila, Philippines where he received his BFA then moved to the US in 2002. Selected exhibits include: Bronx Museum of the Arts, d.u.m.b.o. arts center, Asian American Arts Centre, The Contemporary Museum in Hawaii, Exit Art and a solo show at the Kentler International Drawing in 2008.