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Alan alaniz

Adam Alaniz reminds me of a benign Richard Dadd - the victorian painter whose mythical misenscenes gave the viewer the feeling of another world. Alaniz' work is cuddly yet still other worldly.

As it was written,  Adam Alaniz can make pretty much anything look warm and inviting. The depths of the ocean, the mysterious rainforests–even germs! He draws much of his inspiration from landscapes, fables, science, and nature. For some reason, his paintings, especially Someone Is Calling, reminds one of a cuter version of FernGully: The Last Rainforest, a favorite childhood movie.

His gentle creatures and magical settings have been exhibited at Gallery 1988, Santa Monica Art Studios, Gallery Nucleus, and La Luz de Jesus. In addition, The Society of Illustrators of Los Angeles presented Adam with the Children’s Market Gold Award for Germ Parade


Perez said he looks like a girl and takes the p*ss out of his looks. I don't think he is hitting on him, and his audgorynons look is alluring, and I agree with what he said, but I think that coming from an older guy, it could be seen the wrong way.LOL at the comment about Bill's thingy haha, I am sick of my guy friends not caring when I rant about Bill's smexyness, so I was talking about guys to my gay friend and we have totally different taste in guys based on looks and he thought Bill was too girly lol but he said that Tom looked hot in the pic with his hair photoshopped short

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