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Jan huling Jan Huling is an artist who uses fantastic bead work in her art.

She says - In a recent review, the New York Times dubbed my work “oddball assemblages,” and aptly so. Have fun and make beautiful art by gluing seed beads, ball chain and other stuff to boxes or any other solid object that tickles your fancy! Clean out your junk drawer before you come and bring all of those buttons that were just too pretty to pitch, souvenir pins that no one wears but bring back such nice memories, lira you forgot to forgot to spend in Italy - anything that you might want to glue down and decorate. Take a look at my web site (www.janhuling.com) to get an idea of what it is that I do and then join me for five days of laughs and glue. Oh, and don't forget your reading glasses!

Jan Schwab Huling was born in Chicago and raised in St. Louis. After attending the Kansas City Art Institute she started her career in greeting card design. She has since made her way working in New York City as a product designer, children’s book author and beadist. The spectrum of Jan’s beadwork is diverse, from her first beaded kazoo to whole table tops. She is liable to bead just about anything that stands still. Sorry Mr. Van der Rohe, less is not more when we are talking about the scintillating qualities of beadwork. Not a nudist nor a Buddhist, Jan is a BEADIST practicing a labor of love within her home studio in Hoboken, NJ.

Feel inspired? Try it yourself and possibly find your muse in The Art of Bead Embroidery: Techniques, Designs & Inspirations


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