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Ian "Kid Zoom" Strange

Kid zoom Ian Strange also known as Kid Zoom is a street artist with large vision. Born in Australia, he now resides in New York CIty and creates a range of large paintings for both internal and external display. His latest works are entirely freehand aerosol spray paintings that show a remarkable facility with the medium. Kid-Zoom is relatively new to the street art scene but has already gathered a devoted following and an appreciation from other established street artists like Ron English


Dan Witz

Dan Witz Dan Witz, born 1957, Chicago, IL, is a street artist in the finest sense. He attended Cooper Union in New York City’s East Village. In 1982 he received a NEA grant and in 1992 and 2000 fellowships from the New York Foundation for the Arts. His first book, “The Birds of Manhattan” was published in 1983 by Skinny Books. Solo exhibitions include Semaphore Gallery NY (1985,1986), Clementine Gallery (1996), StolenSpace, London (2007); DFN Gallery NY (2003-5, 6, 7, 8, 10) and Carmichael Gallery, LA (2009). Group exhibitions include: Buying Time: Nourishing Excellence, Sotheby’s NY(2001); and Fifteen, NYFA Fellows at Deutsche Bank, NY (1999). Submission (curated by Juxtapoz) Fuse Gallery NY (2005); From The Streets of Brooklyn, Think­space Art Gallery, LA (2009) and Beach Blanket Bingo, Jonathan Levine Gallery NY(2009). Dan lives and works in Greenpoint, Brooklyn.

Prolific author, video star and artist.


Mac Premo

Mac premo MAC PREMO is an artist who is immersed in the ongoing exploration into Systems Theory. That is, the interdependence of systems in nature, society and science. In the first two parts of an ongoing series aptly titled Understanding Everything, Premo looks to the innate human impulse to order and understand the world through the organization of systems. The myriad ways in which these distinct vocabularies interrelate, be they systems of physical (e.g. mathematics, science, etc.) or emotional data (e.g. memory, morality, etc.), is the primary subject of his meticulously crafted objects of wood, found objects and collage encased in poured resin. 

Premo’s work also explores the cyclical nature of systems in works that reference not only the physical process of art making, but also the transport and presentation of art. The exhibition includes a short animated film work in which the artist’s distinct style is expressed in a dynamic sequence of collage-like imagery. Mac Premo has been exhibiting his work since 1999, most recently at the Brooklyn Academy of Music and PS1 MOMA in Queens.