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We Are Lost_eweJames Buxton writes "Ewelina Koszykowska’s work is nothing short of mesmerizing. She peels away layers of consciousness, imbuing her paintings with an ethereal quality that transports viewers into a spirit world populated by human forms of ghostly delicacy. It is rare to find paintings so rich in detail, yet so minimal in subject matter. The hauntingly beautiful nudes in her paintings linger long in the memory. Below, the New York City–based artist explains, in her own words, the inspirations and experiences which have steered her creative path." 

Ewelina Koszykowska explains her process - The first painting I ever did was a rendition, The Virgin Mary with Babe in the Manger. I won a watch for it in kindergarten. I knew then it was time to become an artist. Initially, I painted images which were heavily fantastical and which explored my childhood. As the work progressed, the intention of chronicling this spiritual life became evident. I also became intrigued with Eastern philosophies. Now with greater refinement, I have returned to where I started: realism and the veil.

For me there is no separation between the spirit and the state of being. The veil is either a mystery or a nonmystery. Through painting nudes under the veil, I wish to bridge the gap between the material and nonmaterial. Many of my paintings include a linear element. The linear element is about connection, paths, planes, borders, boundaries, dualities and direction. Layers are pivotal in my approach to painting veils, which is exactly what they represent to me—layers of the human conscious. As for the evolution into future exhibitions, I’m mostly curious about negative-space at this time. You can follow me on www.ewelinak.com, where I have my blog and other links



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