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February 2014

Ellen Cantor

Ellen CantorEllen Cantor is a photographer who creates an entirely different reality in her photos. As she says in her artist statement,

Reality has nothing to do with external form, but with the idea, the essence of thing.” Brancusi 

"I search for the seen among the unseen. Always looking to discover and reveal the hidden nuances of life,  I seek to discover and reveal that which may be overlooked. My photos are visual meditations to share with you.

Through my photography, I hope to reveal my unique perception of the world. Whether photographing the natural world or our manmade environment, I am looking for images that transcend the moment.  My photographs are designed to transport the viewer from the mundane to the exquisite by capturing the hidden nuances of life.The beauty and diversity of the colors around us are a source of inspiration in my work and allow me to express my wonder about our world. 

I often shoot part of the subject, use soft focus, move the camera, use a slow shutter speed, shoot multiple images or create composites. By experimenting with technique, I capture the chance encounters of life. Much of formal photography is “getting the right picture.” I want to find that which is unknown and unseen."

Michael Mapes

Michael MapesWhether one categorizes Michael Mapes as a mosaic artist, assemblage artist or reconstructionist, what remains when viewing his work is his sense of artistic destiny created from smalll shards, detritis, bit of photographs and other assorted found items.

His latest series of work is inspired by Dutch Master portraiture. In a method consistent with earlier work, subjects are examined through a pseudo scientific method specifically working with materials and processes signifying entomological, biological and forensic science.


"My work suggests the meta-relationship of the subject content, which is to say, it creates a dimensional collage of a painting of a person. In doing so, I consider ways in which to reconstruct the original subject to suggest new meanings. Along with thousands of dissected photos of the original painting, I add a mix of other contrived materials ranging from hair samples to recent photos to costume jewelry. The finished “collections” become dimensional collages within the realm of contemporary portraiture of 17th century subjects."

The result is grand art based on microscopic elements.

Matthew Oates

Matthew OatesPainter and sculptor Matthew Oates focuses on warped and accidental personas that are scavenged, affected by random events or influenced by their audience. Formed by the exterior of the individual with the interior turned inside out, Oates's subjects are inspired by people he encountered growing up in a small town in Maine and from the heavy metal and punk rock subcultures that influenced him.



As Oates's images develop, his subjects begin to take on an unexpected identity and Oates becomes aware of the makeup of a personality and interested in warping their characteristics. The individuals depicted in Half Sung Face are impervious in their specificity and ask to be considered regardless of their idiosyncrasies.



Matthew Oates has had a solo show at 57Delle Project Space/Floft Gallery in Boston, Massachusetts and he has been in numerous group shows in the Boston area at the DeCordova Sculpture Park and Museum, The Distillery, John Stone Gallery, School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Limner Gallery and The Boston Center for Psychoanalysis. 



Oates is the recipient of several awards including the Lawrence Kupferman Memorial Award, the George Nick Prize 2012 and the Rob Moore Memorial Grant. His work has been published in Direct Art Magazine and his band Phantom Glue was nominated for best new metal act at the Boston Music Awards and the band recently recorded a new album.