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Loren Stump

Loren stumpLoren Stump is a self-taught artist based in California who is taking glass blowing to the next level, making murines, rods of colored glass that are melted together in particular patterns.

The surprise, as with a geode, comes when the glass is sliced open, revealing a scene constructed out of the glass rods that is often inspired by medieval art. The murrina method of glassblowing is more than 4,000 years old and originated in the Middle East, but it’s perhaps most famous to Westerners through its Italian variations, which were developed on the island of Murano. It mostly differs from the well-known millefiori technique, which mostly deals with abstract patterns like stars and flowers, through its attempts at more sophisticated subjects.

It is not just the novelty of Stumps work that makes it so intruiging, it is the quiet beauty of each slice that reveals an amazing complexity and ability.


Madonna after pull

Kent Monkman

Kent monkmanAccording to Hyperallergic, Kent Monkman’s art commingles art history with cultural mythology in a passion play about masculinity and belonging. His paintings and diorama use just enough camp to make the works feel self-aware, like the moment in a dream where you realize where you are, wake up, and reflect on the madness.

By his overt references to paintings of nearly every art historical period, from the caves of Lascaux to Veronese to Francis Bacon, Monkman asserts himself as both a traditionalist and an iconoclast.  He raises his voice for native populations transcending the devastation of colonialism, while depicting their struggles in the language of European painting.  In doing so he stakes new ground and claims a territory for himself as both an artist and a descendant of those originally displaced.

Kent Monkman is an artist of Cree ancestry who works in a variety of media including painting, film/video, performance and installation. Monkman has exhibited widely within Canada, and is well represented in numerous private and public collections including the National Gallery of Canada, the Art Gallery of Ontario, and the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts. He is represented by Sargent's Daughters in New York, Trepanier Baer Gallery in Calgary, and Pierre-François Ouellette art contemporain in Montreal.



Lori Earley

Lori earley Lori Earley describes her surrealistic portraits as such, "My oil paintings are a combination of classical realistic rendering with a personal element of distortion This distortion comes from my innate desire to transform my emotions into tangible planes that express what I feel, not what I see.

Painting has always been a means of self-expression for me. Therefore, I paint because I have to and need to, not necessarily because I want to. Subconsciously or not, the figures I paint are a reflection of myself and whatever mood I am in at the time, so every painting is in essence a self-portrait. Each mood is distinct, ranging from subliminal, cryptic expressions to more cognitive states of being and the eyes of my subjects are often the primary focus of expression.

My work is a fusion of personal experiences and influences- moody atmospheres, victorian-inspired couture, and timeless elements all laced with clandestine symbolism. The figures I paint exist in their own esoteric realm and time, and each painting offers a glimpse into their anomalous world.


She is a contemporary surrealist figurative artist who began exhibiting her works in 2004. Born and raised in New York, Earley was an accomplished and gifted artist from a young age. As a maturing adolescent, she discovered her distinct style and fondness for painting deeply personal subject matter. She then began her journey towards becoming a professional oil painter through fine art training at the School of Visual Arts in New York City.

Her innate passion for expressing mood and emotion on canvas and paper along with her mastery of technique in oil and graphite was soon recognized, in the United States and abroad. Earley was acclaimed as an exceptional new talent, praised for her authentic portraiture. Her stylized, elongated subjects echoed Mannerist elements and the dramatic lighting of the Baroque period. Her distorted realism drew attention from established artists, collectors, and galleries which immediately propelled Earley to the forefront of a burgeoning art movement. Her recognition as a leading female contemporary master painter grew internationally and moved Earley into the celebrated realm of solo exhibitions in Seattle, Los Angeles, New York City and London. Earley's stunning portraits have attracted an audience of collectors who treasure owning a rare, truly unique work of art. While her femme fatale portraits mature in style and intensity, they retain her signature ethereal quality that embodies an undeniably feminine force. Her portraits always capture elusive moments in the artist's individual perception and experience, viewed through her imaginative lens.

Ben Boothby

IMG_3298Ben Boothby is a Brooklyn based artist whose work has evolved from art-school realism to abstract architectural compositions.

He says, "My paintings are built entirely from memories of architectural moments. They are mnemonic structures; holding a multitude of conflicting emotions from that space. Through this study of the architectural nature of my memories, I am creating visualizations of the way memories exist in all of our minds.

Memory is made of layers of spatial ambiguities and shifting degrees of focus, scattered with representational details. Memory is in flux, when we try to pin it down to examine the details, it will not sit still. I strive to capture the pulsation of a memory as it vibrates in self-contradictions."

Boothby is a Maine native who received his BA in Studio Art from Wesleyan University, Connecticut, in 1997. Upon graduation, he showed regularly at The Gallery at 356 Main, Rockland. Later on he moved to Washington DC and showed at Susan Calloway Fine Art. After a brief stint in Iceland, he moved to San Francisco to attend the Academy of Art University, where he earned his MFA in 2011.