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February 2015

Brian Rochefort

Brian RochefortBrian Rochefort's unedited 'gloop' sculptures represent a relentless material romance. These sculptures represent a blending of old and new ceramic techniques. These perfectly mis-informed hollow, ceramic vessels are at once complimentary to one another while each retains their own distinct composition and form. Each piece's surface, texture and sheen reflect and exuberance of possibilities that are experimented in combinations with the vessel as canvas or laboratory.


Rochefort’s sculptures are provisioned by the artist as ‘Gloops’. They are interpretive, mis-formed, and flawlessly amassed hollow ceramic. Each piece profiles an affective relationship to the emasculated characterization of infantile attachment to object. Typically, a teddy bear, robust at core, falls short of true charity with arms truncated and squat. In these sculptures, Rochefort's idea pairs the masculine iconography of automotive paint with the symbolic gifting of toy for love.

Brian Rochefort is a Los Angeles based mixed media sculptor working in ceramic and automotive paint. Born and raised in Rhode Island he attended the Rhode Island School of Design, receiving a BFA in Ceramics. He was the recipient of the Lillian Fellowship as an artist in residence at the Archie Bray Foundation for the Ceramic arts from 2007-2009. For more information regarding CV and/or artist statement contact: