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June 2015

Anjuli Rathod

Bos-2015-picks-anjuli-rathod"Anjuli Rathod’s paintings are so delightfully cryptic. They’re often made up of disparate elements — most notably fruits and vegetables, nooses and knives, and body parts — but brought together in a way that’s figurative without being literal. Standing before one, you feel like you’re looking at fragments of a story — the clues in a murder mystery, perhaps — but without the ability to piece the tale together. Rathod contrasts her sinister themes with strong colors and a brushy, almost cartoonish painting style, turning potential horror into something much funnier and more twisted." —Jillian Steinhauer

Lulu Yee

Lulu yeeLulu Yee is a ceramic artist whose whimsical work both charms and compels.

Her "studio at 1717 Troutman, in Bushwick Brooklyn, its walls painted bold colors and every available surface inhabited by her sweet, strange, and ornate ceramic sculptures of crowns and humanoid figures, felt like an enticing test run for a much more ambitious and elaborate installation. I sincerely hope a gallery gives her a chance to create a total environment for her intricately painted ceramic objects." —Benjamin Sutton