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February 2016

Nadia Martinez

Nadia MartinezArtists take risks in their materials but Nadia Martinez and her work with computer parts must deal with a larger array of potentially unhealthy materials. And yet, her sculptures, constructed with these discarded parts hold a certain poignancy and presence. She says, "El Bosque de Qualtron (Qualtron’s forest). - Qualtron was the name of a computer parts manufacturing company that went bankrupt after 20 years in business. I found an inherent beauty in the abandoned parts and created a forest out of the 100% man-made materials giving them a second life. Every sculpture represents something from nature, an animal, a tree, water, etc. or a memories from Honduras."

Her work has taken her to the Museum of Art and Design  in New York City where she is an artist in residence every Friday until mid 2016. The museum notes that --

Nadia Martinez works in a variety of mediums, with her work reflecting on daily encounters and experiences that are often difficult to express in words.  Martinez strives to make statements that are positive and uplifting and draws from her background in architecture to explore the interaction between humans and nature and the qualities that shape our faith and values today.

At MAD, Martinez will use computer parts to create sculptures and jewelry that respond to the inherent beauty in abandoned materials by giving them “second lives.”  She uses assemblage techniques, along with mold making and casting methods.  Martinez is also interested in visitor response, namely, visitors’ reactions to her work and how their insights and thoughts can inform her process.

Martinez studied architecture at the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de Honduras and received a certificate in fine arts and a diploma from the National Academy School of Fine Arts, NY.  Martinez exhibits in New York and internationally. For more information please visit her website: www.nadiamartinez.com.