Petro Wodkins

Petro wodkinsSome artists are also provocateurs. Some add performance to their static art. Petro Wodkins is one of there artists.

He says, "Many people ask themselves what 'art' is. Lately the definition seem to be that art is what an educated artist creates. That's a funny definition. Compare it to 'shoes is whatever a shoemaker creates'. In truth, art has grown into a small club of people repeating what people did 40 years ago. Thereby art has almost lost it's place in society. But the evolution is dangerous. In a free thinking society art is one of the most important parts. Art's role has always been to provoke and force people into seeing new perspectives. Therefore art must be anarchistic. Art must question power and money. Art must oxide by it's own rules. Only it's own rules."

Q&A with the artist:

Who are you?

I'm an artist and a performer. I look best on stage, especially from my left side.

What is your background?

Since I was born I have mainly been occupied with my dog and revolutionizing the global art-scene. Before that I was a sort of businessman.

Why are you questioning the established art scene?

To be an artist today is more about the right cultural middle-class background than about telling stories from the world. It's more about excluding and less about inviting. Or to put it another way: most artist cannot dance.

What are your plans for the future?

I will be very surprised if you don't find out.

You also sing, is that a part of your art?

You could as well ask if my art is part of my singing. The music always comes first.

Could you tell us about your sources of inspiration?

God has always been a great source of inspiration. And of course my own looks. Apart from that I like Petro Wodkins, the russian artist from early 20th century, and some of George Bush's art, even though his work got sloppy towards the end.

Irina Danilovah

Irina danilovahIrina Danilovah is a multi-facted artist whose "Shaving Performance" art is at once both fascinating and

She cuts her hair every 4 years, on the same day (night), August 31st, harvesting it for her Braid Collection which is displayed in clear tubes. She explains, "First it was a symbolic haircut in 1984 before moving from Kharkov (Ukraine) to Moscow, starting new “moscow time”. Date of that haircut coincidently fell on the date when influential Russian poet Marina Tsvetaeva committed suicide in 1942."

Braid #1. 1984-1988, Made in Russia. It was cut in front of a wardrobe mirror, at home.

Braid #2. 1988-1992, Made in Russia. First public performance in Moscow before departure to USA.

Braid #3. 1992-1996, Made in USA. Performance at the Cleveland International Performance Festival.

Braid #4. 1996-2000, Made in USA. Shaved on a trip from the Bronx to the East Village, while driving.

Braid #5. 2000-2004, Cut in Ukraine. “20 Years After” Performance at Palitra Gallery, Kharkov, Ukraine

Braid #6. 2004-2008, Cut in Tribeca. Performance at The Tank in NYC.

While each performance was created differently, some parts, developed at different times, became traditions. The last performance included a live video mix of documentations from previous shavings. She dedicates this project to all women who have lost their hair against their will.

Ai Weiwei

Ai weiweiAi Weiwei is a powerful and controversial Chinese contemporary artist who is  active in sculpture, installation, architecture, curating, photography, film, and social, political and cultural criticism.

Ai collaborated with Swiss architects Herzog & de Meuron as the artistic consultant on the Beijing National Stadium for the 2008 Olympics. As a political activist, he has been highly and openly critical of the Chinese Government's stance on democracy and human rights. He has investigated government corruption and cover-ups, in particular the Sichuan schools corruption scandal following the collapse of so-called "tofu-skin schools" in the 2008 Sichuan earthquake.

In 2011, following his arrest at Beijing airport on 3 April, he was held for over two months without any official charges being filed; officials alluded to their allegations of "economic crimes" (tax evasion). In October 2011 ArtReview magazine named Ai number one in their annual Power 100 list. The decision was criticised by the Chinese authorities. Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Liu Weimin responded, "China has many artists who have sufficient ability. We feel that a selection that is based purely on a political bias and perspective has violated the objectives of the magazine"

Salvador Dali

Salvador dali Who hasn't been fascinated by the art of Salvador Dali. Dali was an enigmatic figure who figured prominantly in the Surrealist movement of the 1930s. But his very quirky personality soon transferred him into less of a fine artist in the original sense and more of a performance artist - one who transcended painting to become a filmmaker, jewelry designer, author and costumer.

Salvador Felipe Jacinto Dali i Domenech, was born on May 11, 1904, in Figueres, Spain. He attended the San Fernando Academy of Fine Arts in Madrid and led to his  first one-man show, held in Barcelona in 1925. He recieved international fame when three of his paintings were shown in the third annual Carnegie International Exhibition in Pittsburgh in 1928.

After this, Dali went to Paris, and joined the Paris Surrealist Group. It was in this same year that Dali met Gala Eluard when she visited him in Cadaques with her husband, the French poet Paul Eluard. She became Dali's lover, muse, business manager, and the source of inspiration for many of Dali's greatest works. They were married in 1934 at a civil ceremony and made their first trip to America. Dali emerged as a leader of the Surrealist movement and his painting, Persistence of Memory (1931) is still one of the best known surrealist works.

But, as war approached, the apolitical Dali clashed with the Surrealists and he was expelled during a trial conducted by the group in 1934. Although he did exhibit works in international surrealist exhibitions throughout the decade, asserting that: "le Surrealisme c'est moi" by 1940 he was ready to move into a new era, one that he termed "classic."

During World War II Dali and his wife, Gala, took refuge in the United States, returning after the war's end to Spain. His international reputation continued to grow, based as much on his flamboyance and flair for publicity as on his prodigious output of paintings, graphic works, and book illustrations; and designs for jewellrey, textiles, clothing, costumes, shop interiors, and stage sets. His writings include poetry, fiction, and a controversial autobiography, `The Secret Life of Salvador Dali'. He also produced two films - `An Andalusian Dog'(1928) and `The Golden Age'(1930) - in collaboration with Bunuel.

Andrew van der Merwe

And now for something a little different - a true beach artist.

Andrew van der Merwe considers himself as the world’s first professional beach calligrapher. His artworks are made by carving letters in the beach sand. He takes photgraphs of his work which is a good thing since his calligraphy washes away with the tides soon after they are created.


John Lennon

John Lennon was a musical genius and he was also a fine artist. But really, adding him to The Arteur is just an excuse to post this extraordinary worldwide music video which is great performance art and a worthwhile cause:

Inbred Hybrid Collective

Inbred Hybrid Collective was established in 2005. Our mandate is to stimulate a consciousness of the external factors affecting our human existence. The type of interventions associated with Inbred Hybrid Collective, achieved as artistic concept, constitute a provocation for the public to reflect upon the influence that this immersion has had upon them. Our work has appeared in venues as diverse as the Liverpool Independents Biennial (visual installation), Queens Museum of Art (sound art), Deitch Projects (film), and the Ontario Crafts Council (visual installation). Uncredited appearances include the cover (and throughout) Slava Mogutin's "NYC Gogo" due to visual installations we did through Linda Simpson's Slurp, set design for the IFC Halloween spot on the Voluptuous Horror Of Karen Black , and an acting role in Michelle Handleman's "Dorian" (currently on view at Participant Gallery). Recently we made history as the first sanctioned performance artist invited to perform at the Armory Art Fair but we also do video, sound, installation, production, and nightlife events.

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