Street Waffles in De Trucks? Nice!
Though Far From The Main DC Drag, There's Lots To Check Out In Georgetown!

Food Trucks Invade Nation's Capital!

I went down to DC this week on an Amtrak train from Penn Station in NYC.  There's always lots to do in town.  I'm sure you all know about the museums, the memorials, the Capitol building, and the White House.  The problem is where do you find affordable delicious food? The museum cafes are touristy okay, but many of the real restaurants can be very pricey.  Well I have a suggestion for you. 

IMG_2626When you're done with a museum, business, or anything of that nature and it's lunch time, head on over to Farragut Square for several tasty options. You can take the metro to Farragut West on the blue or orange lines or you can also take the red line to Farragut North.  As soon as you emerge from the dark metro station, you will see lines of food trucks parked on all four sides of the park.  These trucks consist of any cuisine you want.  From Mexican to Italian to Middleastern.  It's all here at Farragut Square! I chose to have a burrito from a truck called Sol.  After your main meal, a good truck to get a snack would be Popped! republic to get some tasty and affordable kettle corn.  This place also has several other flavors including Congressional Cheddar and Capital Caramel. IMG_2620  These truck provide large portions for a relatively inexpensive price.  If you want to know which trucks will be where and when, check out this website. http://foodtruckfiesta.com/ 

Stay tuned for a report on Georgetown.


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This position also has several other tastes such as Congressional Cheddar and Investment Caramel.These vehicle offer huge sections for a relatively affordable cost.

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Prinky Lois

The blog and data is excellent and informative as well.


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