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Food Trucks Invade Nation's Capital!

Street Waffles in De Trucks? Nice!

IMG_2255If you want a sweet treat after lunch or dinner or even for breakfast, then you should find a Wafels & Dinges truck or cart immediately! This is absolutely my favorite street food in New York City.  Personally, I go for the Liege Wafel with Nutella and Strawberries.  I'm craving one right now, but I have to tell you about it first so you can crave one too! Their waffles range from the light and crispy Brussels Waffle to the savory doughy Liege Waffle.  You can even get mini waffles on skewers.  Let me tell you about some of the toppings they have.  They have Nutella, Belgian chocolate, fruit, and even pulled pork.  These trucks and carts are scattered throughout the city and you can find their locations each day on their website.  Doesn't this one make your mouth water? IMG_0607  I recently caught up with one of the waffle vendors in his truck...

Well folks, gotta run to get a waffle! See Ya...


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These pickups and golf trolleys are spread throughout the town and you will discover their places each day on their web page.

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