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Snooki May Not Be Here, But It's Still as Jersey Shore As It Gets in Point Pleasant Beach, NJ!!

We're headin out to the Jerzzey Shore bitchess... If you want to head out to the beach, but you don't want to go very far, AND you don't want to drive, then lather on that sunscreen and head out to Point Pleasant Beach, NJ.  Point Pleasant is roughly 65 miles from the NYC area and has a gorgeous wide beach and a boardwalk full of entertainment for all ages. IMG_2711 This place has your typical boardwalk concessions including food shacks, arcades, and several other boardwalk games.  There is also a small amusement park, but that's mainly geared toward younger children. IMG_2740

So how the hell do you get here? Well I know.  In theory, you CAN drive.  If there is no traffic, it's faster to drive.  But you know, if it's in the middle of the summer during the height of vacation time, you won't get too far! It will probably take like 4 hours or something to get down there.  In that case, you can find out the driving directions on your own.  I'm going to tell you how to use public transportation.  I have to be honest.  It does take a while.  The trip takes over 2 hours each way.  At least it won't be a hassle for parking.  Also the bright side is that The beach near Jenkinson's Boardwalk(the boardwalk of Point Pleasant Beach) is walking distance from the train station.  Don't take a cab! Put that money towards beach admission and the boardwalk attractions.  

First, you take the NJ Transit North Jersey Coast Line train from Penn Station to Long Branch, NJ (another nice beach community).  That trip takes about an hour and a half on a local train.  You then need to transfer at Long Branch to the shuttle train to Bay Head.  Point Pleasant Beach is the second to last stop on the Bay Head Shuttle and takes about 35 minutes from Long Branch.  It's a trip, but well worth it.

IMG_2714It's a great place to spend the day whether it's to have a swim or chill on the beach, or play games on the boardwalk, you won't be disappointed when you go to Point Pleasant Beach!    


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