If you like Fresh Pasta, then WATCH AND READ!!

If you take the train to Fordham or the subway to Fordham Rd, walk south to 187th street, turn left and you'll soon find the little Italy of The Bronx! Arthur Avenue and a few blocks of 187th Street has some of the best italian food venues in the city.  There is everything from deli meats, bakeries, and what I am very interested in is fresh pasta stores.  Borgatti's Ravioli and Egg Noodles IMG_0593

Another place that also has some amazing fresh pasta is Raffetto's.  It does not have a website, but here is the address: 144 W Houston St (b/t Sullivan St & MacDougal St).  It's located in the South Village.  The nearest subway stops are Spring st on the C,E trains and W 4th St. on the A,C,E,B,D,F,M trains.  This hole-in-the-wall type place has several different varieties of both fresh and dry pastas.  Their fresh pasta consists of regular egg, spinach, and even squid ink (black pasta!) The fresh pasta is cut by using a machine similar to a sewing machine.  The worker powers the blade by foot! It seemed that she was riding a bicycle with only one foot, but really she was moving the blade up and down and cutting the pasta piece by piece.  It was mindblowing! It's always best when you use an old machine like that instead of a machine that does the job for you.  That my friends is a sign of hard work and a labor of love to deliver best quality good for the customer.  The dry pasta comes in many different shapes, but is all regular egg pasta.  It's pretty cool how the dry pasta is stored because it's stored in dresser drawers.  


Oh by the way, the video below is a review of Borgatti's. Not Raffetto's.  I'll get around to making a Raffetto's video soon.  So enjoy this video while it's here and make sure you check out these places!