Day 9 - Re-Adjusting
Day 11 - Staying Focused

Day 10 - Fast & Furious

Ever notice the amazing correlation between volume of workload and the count of days until vacation time?  There must be a mathematical equation to represent the relationship.  With only a few days respite on the horizon, the demand for my "expertise" seems to be gaining in popularity.  Better to be the debutante than the wall flower I suppose!  But this is a good example of how quickly and easily my tendency is to revert to old, poor eating habits.  With all the stress and deadlines, it's taking an extra concerted effort to focus on what I should be eating, and exert my will power.  I can be the poster girl for emotional eating if I let myself, so it's taking extra effort on my part to not eat like I'm in a Nathan's hotdog eating contest.

Weight:  108 lbs

Breakfast:  16 oz coffee w/skim (70 cal) & 1 cup Fiber One cereal (120 cal)

Lunch:  Chicken & Broccoli w/brown rice

Dinner: Bowl of tortellini soup & grilled cheese sandwich

Snack:  Disney Princess Fruit Snacks (60 cal)

Activity:  15 minutes on Elliptical

The need to reduce my carbonated beverage consumption is becoming pretty clear as I stare down at my little pot belly of bloat.  There's a conspicuous difference between when I drink carbonated beverages and when I don't.  I can potentially inflate to the capacity of a Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade balloon if I'm not careful.  Nothing feels worse to me than the bloat from drinking diet sodas.  So why do I continue to drink them you may ask?  Good question.  It's a personal demon I'm grappling with, we all have our vices, mine takes the form of diet soda! 

At least the cardio session yesterday did serve to maybe push me closer to my normal weight, not to mention the fact that I felt good about doing it! 


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