Day 5 - Small Changes Daily
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Day 8 - Weekend Setbacks

Did I ever rant about my love/hate relationship with weekends?  Well, it made itself clearly evident this morning as I stepped onto the scale, weighing in at 112 lbs.  What you say?  That's four pounds more than the last weigh in on Friday.  How does one gain 4 pounds in 2 days?  While I wouldn't completely blame my horrible eating this weekend, there are some extraneous factors.  I'm in the process of a horrible, toxic divorce from my husband, which is inciting my emotional eating, really problematic.  Secondly, I'm trying to get my arms around the new parenting schedule with my kids.  It's easy to manage myself when I'm alone, but factor in the kids and all bets are off.  I did manage to restrain myself during 2 fast food outings, ordering very light, or nothing at all, and eating some of the left overs from my kids.  But I did put myself into a state of starvation this weekend by the time dinner rolled along.  Add into that a "Chicago-style" pizza night on Saturday, and a batch of chocolate chip cookies for the new friends my kids made with my land lord's kids, and it's recipe for disaster.  I usually go to cardio class on Saturdays which serves to offset the damage, and this weekend I couldn't because the kids were here, and short of setting off fire works, my 5 & 7 year olds are unlikely to get out of bed in time to make a 8:30a class that's a 20 minute drive away.

So, here I sit early on a Monday morning assessing the damage I've done to myself this weekend.  Weekends don't need to be as bad as I let them, I just don't apply the discipline I should with planning, and I abandoned my own rule of "no."  Not to mention, my body takes so long to metabolize food, especially carbs, AND to process it out.  I'm currently holding on to about 3 days of food, so my own fecal matter is adding to the weigh in (pleasant, right? but true).

I've broken out the planning pad, and am determined to put myself back on the right track this week.  I'm away next weekend, so the big trick is the art of "no" when it comes to food, but I'll be with someone who usually puts me into a calorie deficit by running me around so much, so the potential for weight gain damage may not be as bad as I fear.

Will weigh in later with all my details of today's food consumption, and I'll be a good girl and lay out my attack plan for the week ....


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