Slow Cooker Solutions - Diet with Ease!
Day 10 - Fast & Furious

Day 9 - Re-Adjusting

So I'm settling down from my panic attack following yesterday's weigh-in.  Phew!  As I mentioned, I'm a slow metabolizer, so it takes me time to digest and process out what I eat.  One of my "must-do's" this year is to drink more water - essential for proper organ functioning and metabolic processes.  Still have some work on that end, but I do see a bit of a difference from the weekend.  I'm working on eating less calorie dense foods, so the majority of what I'm eating are water based (soups, salads, veggies, fruits).  I'm spending more time in the ladies room, but that's a good sign, it means that I'm doing a better job keeping hydrated.

Weight:  110 lbs

Breakfast:  16 oz coffee w/skim (70 cal) & 2 Digestive biscuits (150 cal)

Lunch:  Salad (478 cal)

Dinner: TBD

Snack:  Almonds (170 cal)

Activity:  Cardio Class (317 cal)

Had a great night in karate last night.  For those of you familiar with the martial arts, I finally know my first kata from beginning to end, so I'm feeling pretty good about class, and very excited.  Maybe a test for my first belt is in the near future!  This is why I'm so thrilled about my participation with martial arts - I'm the kind of person that likes to measure my progress, and it's the incentive I need to keep going.  Find something you enjoy, and you'll find yourself sticking to it when it comes to fitness.


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