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This week I'm attending a conference out in Salt Lake City Utah, sponsored by a web analytics company I use at work.  While I'm collecting a great deal of information for my business, conferences are one of the greatest diet sucks there are.  Talk about being a captive eater.  Around every corner, each session, breaks, meals, lurk large quantities of food!  Food pushers to my left, food pushers to my right.  And with barely an iota of nutritional value to be found.  These are the times that try a dieter's weary soul - cookies calling out to be eaten.  It's all too easy to fall into the trap of telling myself that I'll get on track when i return home.

Vats of candy and nutritionally deficit food at virtually every stop in the exhibition halls.  Is it any wonder that so many people complain about how much weight they gain if they're business travelers?  It takes some real steel willpower to keep from indulging yourself to the point of explosion.  If it isn't the casual food spreads in the conference halls, it's the meals out and entertaining that will get you. And the liquor!  Everyone wants to have a drink together, or wait staff is walking around passing drinks under your nose. 

I've done my best to make the best choices possible.  Maybe the solution is to just take cover in my room between sessions and during meals to really constrain what I consume.  Well, that may not be the best solution considering it's my job to mingle and collect information relevant to advancing the interests of my company at these functions.

If you're at the conference with me, grab me for a glass of water and a chat, and pull me away from the puddle of drool collecting in front of me while I stare down the cookie table!


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