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Out of Sight Out of Mind

Quick, what did you eat today?  Stop for a moment, and think about all the things you ate today.  Can you honestly recollect everything that passed over your lips today?  It’s funny when I get to thinking about these things, because in general, I can barely recall what I did about 30 minutes ago without smoke coming out of my ears from deep thought.  But one of my dieting dilemmas was the eating amnesia I suffered from.  I could pack away piles of cookies, and then an hour later, I’m answering the grumble of my stomach with yet another delivery of snacks. 

One day I stopped myself after reading an article on “zombie eating” and charged myself with the task of recounting everything I ate that day.  I think it was well into the afternoon when I was inspired to formulate this list.  Once I got to really thinking about what I ate that day, I was mortified at the list I compiled.  “There’s no way I ate that much” I thought to myself.  I was doing some serious “gratuitous grazing” throughout my day.  A tray of breakfast goods would arrive for a meeting, and despite having my own breakfast prior to that, there I was, taking a few choice selections for myself.  Shortly after that, there would be leftovers out from another meeting – cookies, salads, fruit, you name it.  Of course, I’d make my way out for lunch, pick up another 1,000 calories on a sandwich and chips, pick up a bag of chips or candy as an afternoon snack and then find myself starving by the time I got home for dinner.  After finishing off my kid’s left overs and rewarding myself with a bowl of ice cream as an after dinner treat, I’d brush my teeth and proudly head off to bed with my glass of water, with 0 calories!  Yeah, like that lousy glass of water was my redemption for all my insane excessiveness

Do we really take into account all the calories we consume throughout the day?  There are some people out there who will make me feel as though I’m obsessive thinking so much about what I’m eating.  I try my best to tune them out - I worked damn hard to get where I am today, and I’m not going to blow that on “just one little bite!”  I do my best to explain to people that I’m a “sugar-holic.”  Some people fall off the wagon with a cocktail, for me, it can happen with something as simple as one Oreo.  Just the thought of that ridiculous cookie is making me drool on my keyboard as I type this, that’s how bad a trigger they are for me. 

It was the effort to think about what I ate through the course of the  day that made me realize what I was eating, and I was astonished when I saw the frequency at which I was eating.  I’ve talked about keeping food diaries in the past, and as much of a pain in the rear end as they are, they’re really worth the effort.  I keep my little “Losin It” application going on my iTouch tracking my consumption and activity, and when that scale starts to creep up in number, l can look to that log and see my infractions immediately.

If you’re really serious about losing weight, then make the effort to be honest with yourself.  When you look at what you’re eating throughout the day, and are REALLY honest about it to yourself, you may be just as shocked as I was.  “I couldn’t be eating that much” is what I always thought – but my perception was diametrically opposed to the reality of my actions.  Make a point today to stop for 5 minutes and think about what you ate.  If it’s really out of whack, you can begin to mend your ways.


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