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Brave (Sportswear Love) Heart

I always enjoy reading your posts but don't often comment.

I came across this site and thought you may like to see it, as it seems to have some really cool stuff.


Let me know what you think.


I have tried for 30 years to lose weight and tried every diet and pill in the
book , I even tried the fat loss for idiots as suggested above .
I stuck rigidly to it for 4 months and lost only about 5
pound but as a result of this diet I got Very high levels
of uric acid in my blood and that caused acid reflux .
Which in turn caused high blood pressure , inflammation of the esophagus and now I am on an alkaline diet and have to
walk for one hour each day .But as a result of this I have lost 45
pound which is a Miracle for me. I don't know if its the diet or the walking or both but I feel much better.. I wouldn't go for the Atkins type diets anymore as they can for some people make your system to acidic .. Just stick to 1500 calories and do 30 minutes walking a day , you could even try an alkaline diet it wont do you any harm and may do you some good. edit. Sorry to say that eating just 1000 calories a day is not enough food ,the brain needs that much to function properly.

ways to lose weight fast

I have been wondering about this issue for a while too. You've done a good job telling about your thoughts

Serena Guzik

Most people who use dietary supplements usually have this mindset that once they start taking these pills, they will probably lose weight. Taking these supplements must be combined with a balanced diet, and regular exercise. Well, I agree that for you to achieve that healthy body, you must truly trust yourself. Know the reasons why you want to do it. Once you have the answer, you will be more motivated to accomplish your task of losing weight.

dietician houston

The stuff you are writing blows out my mind.

Robert Whitworth

The blog and data is excellent and informative as well.

Halloween Games

I struggle to believe you actually used your time to
jot down this. It takes to of taken a bit within the manner thought provoking it is.
I shared it over at my facebook.

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