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Having had a nasty break up you are wondering how to get your ex back. Obviously you are not feeling very good about it. Your head is spinning and you can't stop thinking about the break up, what might have been. If only you had said something different or did something different. I know how you feel...

J P Pender

I know it is easy to tell someone to let things "roll off your back" and it is much harder to do, but if you can try to maybe compartmentalize, maybe that would help. Put the stressful job in a little mental box, close the lid and push it under your desk. Take the vindictive husband, shuffle him into the "not important" area of your brain and maneuver around his machinations. All the best of good luck to you - life is hard enough without others adding to the stress.

Bodybuilding diet

When eating to gain muscle, the best (and the simplest) advice I have ever received was, “Don’t eat to get fat. Don’t eat to stay lean. Eat to grow!”

Anthony Tompson

I hope you don't usually get stressed, Lisa. I understand that stress-eating is one of the common ways to release stress, and there are people who just can't control it. I think it's best that you find some people to talk and eat with. A good conversation would work too! ;)

Brave Heart Sportswear

It still amazes us that people haven't worked out the secret to healthy living.

Nutrition + Exercise + Consistency = weight loss and a healthy fulfilling life.

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