When Children Have a Chronic Illness
Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder(PTSD)

My Opinion of the Proposed Health Care Reform

Health care I, and many other doctors I know, breathed a sigh of relief when Speaker Pelosi announced that the Health Care bill passed in the Senate would not be approved by the House.  At least for now, the Health Care bill seems dead, in spite of  President Obama's remarks to the contrary after the recent election of a Republican Senator in Massachusetts.

As an immigrant physician who chose America based on the knowledge and perceptions I acquired while visiting the United States, I shivered at the thought that an enormous bureaucracy would make decisions that should be made between a doctor and a patient.  In addition, having some experience with state bureaucracy in a former communist country of my origin, I know how stifling and inefficient such a bureaucracy can be.

It was not uncommon for people to circumvent the bureaucracy by offering bribes in return for quality medical care, while physicians were forced to accept these bribes in order to support their families because the state paid them so poorly.

In my opinion, when bureaucrats run the system, individual talent and initiative suffer.  Everything is reduced to its lowest common denominator and all share equally in poor care.  Yet somehow highly positioned bureaucrats, politicians and the privileged always find ways to exploit the system while the average person is left with no recourse but to accept the state's largess.

I'm Dr. Blokar.  For more information, click on the following resources:

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