Happy Birthday Chopin World Financial Center March 1-5
Outside In - Melanie Fischer - Central Park Arsenal 3/3 - 4/22

Charles Addams Museum of the City of New York 3/3 - 5/16

My last stop on March 3rd was the opening of the exhibit "Charles Addams's New York" at the Museum of the City of New York. If you are a fan of New Yorker cartoons or you are coming to town to see The Addams Family musical that is opening very soon, this exhibit is a must!  Look very carefully at each cartoon. They are hysterical. 

Go visit before spring arrives so you don't miss "Legacy:The Preservation of Wilderness in New York City Parks"  by  Joel Meyerowitz. When you realize that Meyerowitz's last major photo project was documenting the recovery effort at the World Trade Center Site you will realize how soothing this must have been for him as well as us. This exhibit has been my 15 minute escape from winter every time I've visited the museum this season.  So many fabulous views!  For those of you who have never visited  The Little Red Lighthouse and the Great Gray Bridge , you will feel as if you have been there when you leave the exhibit.

Scanned Image 100630005  There are two other wonderful photo exhibits upstairs. One is from the Museum's permanent collection and the other is New York from the pages of Look Magazine.

While I provide links to books you can buy on line in my posts, I hope you all realize that Museum Gift shops are great places to shop.  All proceeds support the museum and our museums need a lot of support these days.

The stairs on the right still exist at the Museum. Do know that new space is under construction as I write this but the museum is open.

While you are in the neighborhood, do visit Museo del Barrio just up the street. El Museo has just re-opened after extensive renovation and it has a great cafe and gift shop as well as exhibits.

Scanned Image 100630004  The space across the street no longer looks like the picture on the left. During the Depression, the Conservatory was taken down to build the Conservatory Garden.  These are a must see Spring, Summer, and Fall.  Many people get married or take their wedding pictures here.

For those of you on double deckers, there is a stop here. Seriously, it is about a kilometer or a half a mile to the next stop. Public buses come more frequently than double deckers so you can always hop a public bus if you have a MetroCard.


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