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Movies - The Ziegfeld - My favorite Movie Palace

8/31/11 - Just saw "The Help" at the Ziegfeld Theatre . Maybe 20 people in the audience. If you are going to see this movie, see it here!

Why go to the movies when you are in Manhattan (or any of the five boroughs for that matter)? Well, the movies are way cheaper than Broadway and there is way more variety than anywhere except maybe London. 

Time Out New York is a great resource for what is going on in film in NYC.  The Ziegfeld Theatre is  a great "event" movie space. I wonder for how much longer.  The Ziegfeld Theatre  hides in plain sight between 7th and 6th Avenue and 53rd and 54th Streets.  I mention it when I'm giving tours on the double deckers because it is in tourist country. It is right near the Hilton and London hotels. The place seats over 1100 people. New York premieres are held here and then everyone forgets about it.

Last year, I went to see Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland.  Yes, that Tim Burton.  There was a major exhibit down the block at MOMA all about Tim Burton. You would think MOMA with its fabulous movie collection and film programming would partner with the Ziegfeld once in a while for benefits or special screenings. You can eat popcorn at the Ziegfeld. You can't at the MOMA theatres. MOMA has figured out how to joint market with Top of the Rock but it has more in common with the Ziegfeld.

You'd think the Ziegfeld would advertise in Double Decker brochures.  That's where to find its customer base. Visitors are the people living in the neighborhood. The Ziegfeld is also a great space for corporate events.There's so much synergy that could be happening in this town.  The Old Castle Pub down the street has decent food at reasonable prices.  Take a night off from Broadway and see a movie before this great, huge, wonderful movie space disappears.

Lots of movies have been filmed in NYC. If you want to find NYC film scene locations, you can start your search here. For great tour books about NYC film locations that are easier to carry start here.



If you are staying home on this day after blizzard day. Here's a home movie for you that is quite wonderful.

Michelle Pendlelton

One reason why many people go to Ziegfeld Theatre is because of its legacy in Hollywood, especially in the film festivals and world premieres held in New York. I also want to go there to experience the beauty of single screen cinema and exclusive film screenings. I will include Ziegfeld on my itinerary, aside from other famous NYC landmarks, if I ever get to travel around there.

Sue Katz

Thank you Michelle - If you manage to get out this way, also visit the Loew's Theatre in Jersey City.


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