THE Post Office ! Miracle on 34th Street! NYC Marathon!

T.O.A.S.T 2011 - wait until April (29-May 2, 2011).

The Tribeca Open Artist Studio Tour is just around the corner. It occurs during the Tribeca Film Festival so it is a great way to meet some of the locals and get some exercise and maybe buy some art before settling down to see a movie.

I won't be around for TOAST this year (2011) so please do me a favor. Last year, I visited the studio of Regina Silvers and discovered her water colors of The Granny Peace Brigade. One of my friends, now 96 years old, Marie Runyon is in one of the paintings. Please encourage Regina Silvers to show her watercolors to the grannies. This probably means traveling to them since the stairs to her studio are a bit difficult for the over 90 crowd. (Thank you!)

Scanned Image 100830000  When I first started doing TOAST, so many of the studios were in 4,5, and 6 story walkup buildings.  There are still some of those buildings around but you won't be doing as many stairs. The postcard to the left looks up Broadway from Chambers Street. This is pretty much the East side of Tribeca.

You are quite near Chinatown. The double decker buses ride down Broadway. Get off the bus and explore. You will be glad you did. There are usually balloons on the doors of the buildings participating in the Tribeca Open Artist Studio Tour. 

American Express is the major sponsor of the Tribeca Film Festival. American Express has a long history in Tribeca. In the 1860's American Express used to stable their horses in Tribeca. See if you can find the building.



Here is the map of this year's TOAST Art Walk

and for the list of artists and samples of their works go here:


Well, I started "T.O.A.S.T" around 5:30 this evening and everyone was in a party mood. Since I intend to try to convince my HOHO bus people to get off and visit galleries, I stuck pretty close to Broadway visiting spaces 19, 26, 18, 17,16, 28, 27, 5, 13 and 15. Old friends and new participants. Lots of great art and spaces but my favorite (at #26 - 50 White Street was Regina Silvers work in progress. The Granny Peace Brigade. One of my favorite NYC characters, Marie Runyon, is one of the ringleaders. I WILL write a post about her soon but you can see Ms Silvers art here -

Tomorrow - after I leave the buses, I intend to visit more spaces enroute to a screening at the tribeca film festival. I'll be starting at Spring and Greenwich and working my way South.

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