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The Great Saunter - Saturday May 7, 2011 - Shorewalkers

For those of you who want to walk literally all around Manhattan, the annual opportunity is coming up on May 7st. The Great Saunter, organized by Shorewalkers, an intrepid group of New York City hikers, circumnavigates the 32 mile shoreline of Manhattan, on the first Saturday in May. (Click on The Great Saunter at the Shorewalkers website if it doesn't come up automatically)

Scanned Image 100860000  The walk starts and end near the South Street Seaport. On the postcard at left, the Seaport is near the last pier on the right. The postmark on the postcard is 1930. This image was taken before that.

Many, many years ago, I did a part of the walk. I waited at 42nd Street for a friend who had started the walk at the Seaport. There was supposed to be a press conference at 42nd Street. The only person who looked at all official was the folksinger Pete Seeger. A press person with a microphone was interviewing Pete. It was clear the person did not know who Pete was. He asked Pete about his Clearwater T shirt and Pete suggested that the interviewer call the Clearwater office. The Clearwater Festival is a great day trip out of the City on Father's Day weekend.

My friend arrived. I said, "isn't it great the Pete Seeger is on the walk?" She said, "who is Pete Seeger". I told her. She said, "I'm glad you told me because I probably would have asked him what he did for a living".

Pete left the walk at 125th Street. A bunch of us left near the GW bridge. I said to the group, "Wasn't it great that Pete Seeger was on the walk?" One woman said, "Pete Seeger, which one was he?" I asked her why she was interested and she said that Pete was on the board of the Christopher Street Pier where she volunteered.

I told her which one was Pete. She said that she walked with him for well over an hour. She heard all about his kids and grandchildren. She even asked him what he did for a living and he said he made his living playing the banjo and he'd even written a song or two. To find Pete Seeger's books, music, and DVDs start here.


Charlene Weisler

Hi Sue,
I love the post and one day will do the walk.
Is the Hudson River Revival Festival still going on? That was a great folk music festival on the Hudson River and Pete Seeger was very involved with that - maybe he was a co-chair? I recall that it was every year possibly in June(?)


Was and still IS! I've never been. I should go one of these days and yes I should put up a day out of the City post on Previews and Reviews. Soooon.

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