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West Side Story Film - 50th Anniversary - 9/7/2011

9/4/2011  Is any one else going to be at Lincoln Center on the 7th?

I first saw the film West side Story when I was 10 or 11 at what was then called Grauman's Chinese Theatre in Hollywood. Our parents sent my older brother and me to visit our grandparents in California by ourselves. My great Aunt Mae and Uncle Joe took us to the movie. It was my first time away from the Northeast so I was quite amused when the opening scenes came on. Everyone was ooing and ahing the Empire Statue Building and the Statue of Liberty. We saw these sights every time we went to NYC by bus.

Several years ago I watched both DVD's of the West Side Story Collector's Edition. The DVD about the making of the movie was easily as interesting as the movie itself. In the last few years, the Ziegfeld, my favorite movie palace, has played the movie during its classics series. It is always great to see this movie on a big screen.

This summer, I was planning to see West Side Story for FREE on July 21st in Prospect Park as part of Celebrate Brooklyn. There will be dancing and a sing-along. I hope some of you make it. But...the NYC Philharmonic has come up with a more expensive offer that I couldn't resist.

The film is being digitally remastered in HD and for two nights in Sept, the New York Philharmonic will be playing the Leonard Bernstein music live at Avery Fisher Hall (and trying to keep up with all the lip synching of the dubbed singing). I know they are up to the challenge but it should be a hoot. I love silent movies with live piano or orchestra music. This is the first time I will be seeing a movie musical with live orchestra. Since I already have my tickets for Sept 7th, I don't mind telling you that you can buy yours here.

Now if only Winton Marsalis can convince Jazz at Lincoln Center to do an encore performance of Louis the Movie with live orchestra at Lincoln Center. It was great at the Apollo last year.


Harry Matthews

Is the NY Phil getting Marni Nixon to do the vocals in public at last?


I hope so. She's been around doing concert stuff in recent years. If only Natalie were alive, they could do a "Singing in the Rain" style encore.

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