Fringe Festival 2011 Reviews - 4
September 2011 (not 9/11/11)

Final NYC Fringe Festival Reviews - Looking forward to Encores

Was a little too focused on Irene to write until now.

Leonard Cohen...This musical group is carrying the torch for Leonard Cohen's songs and poetry. The lead singer certainly has a better voice than Cohen and the backup group is talented. I love the Poisson Rouge space and hope to get back there soon. Low points - making the last 30 seconds of Suzanne last for what seemed like 15 minutes. When the backup is let loose, the words disappear.

The Bardy Bunch...FUN even though I never watched the Brady Bunch or the Partridge Family. Great use of the Bard's words! Shakespeare is still meaningful after all these years. Hope this one gets a life off-Broadway.

Calling Mr Robeson..When I was a kid, we played Paul Robeson's Ballad for Americans on my grandfather's wind up 78 record player. Back in those days, side 2 was on the same record as side 1 and each side would end with "Do you know who I am...NO who are you?" and then we turned the record over. I expected a lot and Mr Aluko's words and performance did not disappoint. He will repeat his performance at Zankel Hall in Carnegie Hall February 12, 2012.

Hard Travelin...sadly, I missed this performance about the life and music of Woody Guthrie for a variety of reasons. I hope it gets a future life so I can see it. If you wander around my blog you will see posts about Pete Seeger, Phil Ochs and David Roth so I was really looking forward to this one.

Cucina di Pesca...Managed an early bird special meal at a restaurant I used to go to with my parents when we were seeing Off Broadway shows on East 4th Street. Still here, reliably good and inexpensive.

I saw friends and met many new people while standing in the lines prior to performances. The Reidenbergs later sent me links to their websites. Marcus's website has some great photos of New York City.  June's painting website is here.

The Encores Schedule for September has just been announced.

I'm looking forward to next year. Just a reminder Theatre Development Fund's Off Off Broadway vouchers can be used for cutting edge theatre in New York City all year round!


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