Fringe Festival 2011 - Reviews - 2
Fringe Festival 2011 Reviews - 4

Fringe Festival 2011 Reviews - 3

The Legend of Julie Traymore....Great fun and I haven't seen Spiderman. A friend who saw Spiderman said the show was right on target. The audience had fun and was exhausted by the end. I wasn't interested in the attempt at encore singing but a lot of shows seem to have trouble figuring out how to end. Last year's Picking Palin had the perfect solution. I kept wondering how it would end but it ended the only way it could. The character who was the most hesitant about the choice said something like - now that we have her I have a feeling we'll never be rid of her.  Same goes for Julie.

Unsung Diva - an interesting character sketch that barely touched the surface of the life of Sissieretta Jones otherwise known as the Black Patti. I was inspired enough to google her. This show is the beginning of an idea for a play. The cast was more than fine but much more needs to happen. Her story needs to be told.

The Seed of Abraham - I really wanted to like this one. I picked it for the plot. I broke a personal Fringe rule. Never pick anything that is 2 or more hours. (Never again she cried). This needs lots of editing. Music and Lyrics by the same person. Great lyrics (I think) although some of the verses and songs did nothing for the plot line. The worst part was the music was competing with and not accompanying the singers so lots of the lyrics were lost. Needs work but has potential.

Araby...Amazing. Words by James Joyce. Great music. Great voices. I hope it gets a longer life.

Chasing Heaven..Interesting story - fact or fiction? Written before the rewrite of Porgy and Bess currently taking place. Nice performances but I nodded off and don't remember the end. I would see it again just to see how it ended.


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