Summertime 2012-2
Summer 2012-3-Beer Here

July 3, 2012 - attention jet lagged early birds...

To celebrate the end of the cast on my right arm, I cordially invite any of you who are awake enough to join me for a free fam tour of the Times Square area starting at 7AM from the steps near Father Duffy in Times Square. Details can be found in the My Time of Day post. Do email me if you intend to show up! This is the part of the day where I am really looking for company and feedback!

In honor of all the crazy all over town itineraries I've been reading on travel forums, I intend to head back home (Upper East Side) the (very) long way on the rest of this tour guide's daze off. If any of you wish to continue along, you will be responsible for any and all of your own expenses - MetroCard, food etc. Email if you want to try to meet up later during the day

The plan is breakfast in midtown (maybe Polish Tea Room or diner), regroup around 9:30 and head downtown by bus, highline, walking and subway to the WTC site area and over to the South Street Seaport where some of you may want to go to the TKTS booth. (We should be there before 12). I will be exploring the newly reopened South Street Seaport Museum.

Any of you still following me, we'll regroup around 1:30 by the Titanic Memorial and head uptown via select bus to 42nd St, and explore 42nd St to the Library.   I will be heading uptown after that either by Madison Ave bus or Lexington Ave subway depending on the time of day.  While it would be great to get the survivors to the Museum of the City of New York before closing time, I honestly don't think that will happen especially since the summer exhibits at the library are so good!



Hi Sue,
I hope you enjoyed the Fourth. That was a lot of fun on Tuesday: well worth getting out of bed early! I surprised myself by how much I knew (like NYC air rights), but of course especially enjoyed learning something new. The walk through the church was a total surprise, and I look forward to returning there. I also liked the layers of older Times Square you uncovered for us.

As I mentioned before, I look forward to our pre-GTG walk next month. Your new route from 60th through Central Park sounds like a good plan!



Thank you I will get that on the board soon. I am also planning to do different walks on Summer Streets the week before and after the GTG!

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